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About Veneto

Perhaps one of the least discovered parts of Italy, this small, north eastern region with, Lombardy to the west, and Friuli to the east, was once ruled by Venice. Now, whilst Venice remains its most famous jewel, other towns are also becoming more accessible to visitors. Veneto could be an ideal region to buy a property in Italy if you are looking for accessibility and tranquillity.

The cities of Treviso, Padova, Verona and Vicenza are all within reasonable travelling distance of Venice and offer a richness of history, art and culture.

There are some who regard the rural areas of the Veneto to be flat and uninteresting but this is because they do not know of the stunningly beautiful Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills) situated about 55 kms from Venice and studded with picturesque little hill towns such as Arqua Petrarca, home of the famous 12th century poet or Montagnana, a totally walled town. The area is full of beautiful Venetian villas and terraced vineyards where wines such as Bianco di Custoza, Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone are produced, not to mention the delicious ‘Prosecco’ a sparkling dry white that makes an excellent ‘aperitivo’. There can be nothing nicer than sitting outside your Italian house with a glass in hand!

The area has a very good infrastructure with flights, budget and scheduled from many UK and international airports to either Venice or Treviso. If you decide you do not wish to hire a car there is an efficient and cheap train service.

Like any other region of Italy, Veneto has many specialist dishes and wines and because much of the region is close to the sea, the fish is fresh and consistently good. Eating in Venice itself can be expensive but if you consider the transport of goods you will understand why, although even if you stray a short way from the major routes, there are very good Trattoria at reasonable prices. Try ‘Risi & Bisi, rice and peas, it does not sound exciting but I can certainly recommend it, Bigolo al Ragú, pasta with homemade meat sauce or Fritto Misto di Mare. This is where the well known cheese Asiagio comes from, or you can also try the sweet ‘Berico Euganeo’ a cured ham from Montangana, and the Pandoro cake from Verona is particularly famous. Maize, used to make Polenta, is grown in abundance here so many dishes are based on this or rice another of the regions main crops.

If you wish to own a piece of Italian real estate in the heart of Venice then look at some of the wonderful Venetian ‘palazzi’ that have been made into apartments. Italian property for sale here is not the cheapest but you will be buying a piece of history and something really special. Property for sale in the Veneto countryside varies from country farmhouses to charming villas with typical architecture.

If this is a region you have not visited with a view to looking at Italian real estate for sale we feel sure you won’t be disappointed as the choice of properties to buy and variety is excellent.


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