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Tantalizing Tuscany versus Precious Puglia

“These 2 areas are proving to be the most popular choice at the moment for clients who are taking funds from their pension pots or deciding that leaving money invested in the bank with such low interest rates seems pointless”, says Linda Travella of Casa Travella Ltd who has been selling property in Italy for 25 years.

Clients are surprised when they find out the value for money that they can obtain in these 2 areas and it is interesting to see the difference in the traditions of Tuscany against the less well known region of Puglia. The selection of style of properties is enormous, from village houses to trulli, detached properties, semi detached, old, or new! There is a vast difference in styles of the 2 areas with Northern Tuscany offering what most clients consider ‘classical Italian’

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Both areas offer direct flights from the UK and many other countries through scheduled and budget airlines. Bari for Puglia offers flights with BA and Easy Jet to name but a few and Brindisi for Ryanair.Pisa offers flights for Tuscany with a selection of different airlines.

There are 2 very important reasons to buy in Italy apart from its beauty, great food and friendly people and they are not as well known as they should be.
1 There is no inheritance tax, as long as you sell to someone that is related to you.
2 There is no capital gains tax in Italy after 5 years.

What better reasons could there be to buy in Italy!
Prices for habitable properties are much lower than you may think.

See this property by the sea in Puglia, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, only €110.000 (£79,000)
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Or this Trulli complex for renovation at €99.000 (£71,000)
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In Tuscany see this 2 bed town house for €95.000 (£68,000)
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Or this newly renovated detached house with views over Lucca town for €165.000 (£118,000)
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Casa Travella Ltd has a very large selection of properties in these areas and others. Take advance of the great exchange rate and book your viewing trip today (Exchange rates used of 1.40).


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