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Predictions for the 2016 Italian Property Market.

Linda Travella of Casa Travella, expert in Italian property, gives us an insight to the way the market has started for 2016.

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The areas that have started the strongest in the 1st quarter of 2016 are Northern Tuscany, Volterra (Tuscany) and Puglia, especially for buyers with £250,000 and under.

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Como, Western Liguria and Maggiore are showing interest for clients with over £300.000.
Southern Le Marche is showing less interest at the moment but could be the one to watch.

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Basilicata could have a revival after a boom about 10 years ago when it was launched as an area by Casa Travella.

The strength of the £ of course affects the market and whilst not quite as strong as it was at the end of last year, at €1.33 to the pound you still get excellent value for money.

New laws have also been introduced to help home owners with the streamlining of the IMU, Tari and TV taxes and payments (council tax, rubbish tax and TV licence fees, which have gone down!)For more information on this please email:

This will encourage clients to look at Italy as a very good 2nd and 1st home destination especially with no inheritance tax and no capital gains tax after 5 years!

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Linda Travella has appeared on numerous TV and radio programmes for ITV, Channel 4, BBC Canadian TV and Irish TV.


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