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Great time to buy Italian property. Pound hits 13-month high against the Euro

Linda Travella of Casa Travella Ltd says: “You'll be pleased to know that there's great news this week that makes Italian property even more affordable.”

In brief, the pound has hit its highest value versus the euro in 13 months, or since January 10th 2013, at 1.2258

What this means is, sterling has climbed +7.49% or 8.5 cents since its 1.1403 low last March

Were you to transfer £125,000 to Italy to buy a property, you'd now get €10,688 more than March last year.

To put this in context:

1. These apartments in Ghiffa on Lake Maggiore (view property) are now £17,127 less than last March. A significant saving!

2. These 2 bedroom apartments in the Tuscan countryside {view property) are now £15,904 less than March 2013. A fantastic deal!

3. This magnificent 5 bedroom property in Puglia (view property) will now set you back £27,228 less than March last year. A great offer!

If you add to that the change in Italian Land Registry charges where the charge is €900 in every €10.000 less after January 2014 giving you a further 1% saving!!!

Predictions for the rest of the year are that the pound may climb even further for a number of reasons such as the stronger UK economy may suggest UK interest rates may rise in early 2015, coupled with feelings that the European Central Bank may cut interest rates in Europe.

“However, why not take advantage of the strong pound right now and invest in an Italian property”, says Linda Travella.

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